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Welcome to Physical Activity Levels Among Youth (CAN PLAY) Survey

The Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute (CFLRI) is conducting a major national survey to examine physical activity levels of children and youth. The Canadian Physical Activity Levels Among Youth (CAN PLAY) Survey provides an effective and objective means of studying current fitness and physical activity patterns of Canada's young people. CAN PLAY is the first nation-wide study of it's kind. Approximately 10,000 children and youth (approximately 6,000 families) will be randomly selected across Canada for the 2005 study. The study will be conducted annually until 2016.

A state-of-the-art, non-intrusive and safe electronic device, called a pedometer, measures the exact number of steps taken daily by each participant. This data will be critical to developing long term solutions and programs for a more active and healthier younger generation.

This survey is a joint venture of the Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute, Public Health Agency of Canada, and the Interprovincial Sport and Recreation Council.

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2011 Series - Kids CANPLAY Bulletins, including provincial data please click here

2010 Series - Kids CANPLAY Bulletins, please click here

2009 Kids CANPLAY - Bulletins

Bulletin no. 1 - Physical Activity levels of Canadians children and youth

Most of the analyses in this bulletin are based on combined data collected in years three and four (2007-09) of data collection.

2009 Provincial Bulletins, click here

2008 Kids CANPLAY - Bulletins

Bulletin no. 1 - Activity Levels of Canadian Children

Based on year 3 of data collection. 

In the 2005 Physical Activity Monitor, Physical activity and sport: Encouraging children to be active,   we have released some topics of the Kids CANPLAY data in this study.

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