2004 Physical Activity and Sport Monitors

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Section A : Physical activity and sport participation rates in canada


This section discusses participation in walking and bicycling; participation in organized and unorganized physical activities in the past year; Canadians’ participation rates in sport; examines the prevalence of specific sports identified by the participants, when asked what type of sport they currently participate in most frequently. In addition, this section also examines the type of participation in sport and whether or not the sport participant has a coach and whether the individual competes within his/her sport. If there is a competition component, the level of competition is explored.  

  List of topics:   
    Physical activity among adults   
    Walking or bicycling during leisure time - adults   
    Physical activity among teenagers   
    Walking or bicycling during leisure time - youth   
    Participation in organized physical activity or sport    
    Participation in unorganized physical activity or sport   
    Sport participation in Canada    
    Popular sports in Canada    
    Type of sports participation   
    Competition and training  


Publication Date: April 20, 2006


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