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The Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute receives input and policy direction from a unique Board of Directors, composed of prominent researchers and practitioners in the field of active living:

Board members

Ms. Nancy Dubois, Chair - Du B Fit Consulting
Dr. Lawrence Brawley, University of Saskatchewan
Dr. Jonathan McGavock, University of Manitoba
Dr. Christine Cameron, Acting President - CFLRI

The work of the Institute is accomplished thanks to its affiliates and staff.

Institute affiliates and staff

Dr. Adrian Bauman - International Scholar
Dr. Catrine Tudor-Locke - Adjunct Scholar
Dr. Ron Plotnikoff - Adjunct Scholar
Dr. John Spence - Adjunct Scholar
Dr. Christine Cameron - Acting President
Ms. Cora Lynn Craig - Scientist Emeritus
Ms. Makda Araia - Research Assistant
Ms. Petra Saghbini - Administrative Assistant
Ms. Haley Simpson- Research Assistant
Ms. Matea Grubesic- Research Assistant