Survey of Settings

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Originally, the Physical Activity and Sport Monitoring Program (PASMP) consisted of two components: Population based surveys  and the Setting-based surveys.  The Setting-based Surveys are considered companion surveys to the Population based surveys (every year except for one) and are conducted based on the same theme as the population based survey. These themes include a focus on communication (examining factors from a parental perspective related to their children’s physical activity such as awareness of guidelines for physical activity, barriers to participation, sedentary activities, and so on), a survey of municipalities (including municipal policies, infrastructure, and services supporting physical activity, municipal programming and schedules, barriers and needs, availability of physical activity information, and so on), a survey of schools (examining school policies related to physical activity, physical activity programming, curricula and instruction, availability of facilities, training and developmental opportunities, social climate and environment, and so on), a survey or workplace (exploring supportive policies for physical activity at work, availability of facilities at work to be active, other opportunities to be active at or near work, work related benefits of, and barriers to physical activity, demand for resources, encouragement for physical activity, and so on).

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