Who We Are

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Established in September 1980, the Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute (CFLRI) is a national research organization concerned with monitoring the physically activity levels of Canadians and sharing knowledge about the importance of leading healthy, active lifestyles.

Supporting national organizations, federal and provincial governments, and Canadian universities, the Institute is a key leader in bringing knowledge on physical activity and sport to its users.

CFLRI is a registered not-for-profit applied research institution. Its charitable number is 0740621-21-10. The Institute is funded by federal, provincial, and territorial governments responsible for physical activity, recreation, health, and sport, as well as additional contracts and grants.

The Institute is directed by a Board of Directors comprised of eminent scholars and professionals in the areas of public health, physical education, sport sciences, recreation, or medicine.

How do our activities impact society?


  • monitor change in the physical activity, sport participation and health status of Canadians through the Physical Activity and Sport Monitoring Program
  • provide the evidence necessary for governments to develop policies, set targets for increasing the physical activity and sport participation rates of the population and determine priorities for investment of public resources
  • increase individual awareness of the benefits of an active lifestyle by synthesizing, interpreting and sharing research knowledge
  • identify research priorities and recommend strategies to increase physical activity levels